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Shanghai Fujiang Plastic Industry Group Co., Ltd (Fujiang Group) is a joint venture jointly set up by British Virgin Islands Joint Holding Company and Shanghai Shanhai Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. It is located at Shanghai Baoshan City Industry Park, with a plant of 60,000 square meters. The registered capital is USD 16 million, and the investment scale is about RMB 300 million.
Fujiang Group is the first and the largest enterprise that produces IBC in China. With the world's most leading technology in super-large scale blow molding and multilayer blow molding, Fujiang Group invests in and has eight subsidiary companies, which are: Shanghai Kingtainer Packaging Container Co., Ltd, Shanghai Fujiang Trading Co., Ltd, Shanghai Fashi Plastic Machinery Product Technology Consultation Service Company, Tianjin Fujiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd, Hubei Fujiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd, Lanzhou Kingswel Plastic Container Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Kingtainer Packaging Container Co., Ltd and Jilin Youfu Shanhai Packaging Container Co., Ltd. We specialize in producing and selling large-size plastic packaging containers, large-size multilayer blow molding products and plastic process product line, and our service network for IBC covers the whole country.
Fujiang Group has the most blow molding machines in Asia and its 3-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine with double die head and double station is the only equipment of the kind in China. According to the enterprise’s development plan, to be larger and stronger in Shanghai or even the country, Fujiang Group has made the strategy of investing in and establish new plants all around the country, so as to make our most competitive products conveniently available for customers. When applicable, we plan to expand our oversea businesses.
Fujiang Group will develop technical exchanges, establish joint ventures and cooperative enterprises, promote common development with enterprises at home and abroad, and strive to make itself a top innovative enterprise in the fields of packaging and plastic processing.