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BM pallets

Blow-Molding (BM) pallet, is a kind of world prevalent pallets widely used in chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, transportation, post and telecommunications, etc. And it is an essential tool for loading , storing, carrying and transporting goods at in warehouses, stations and docks. With the increase of the environmental awareness and decrease of forest resources all over the world, it is a trend that the plastic pallets will replace the wooden pallets. The plastic pallets have advantages such as light, solid, corrosion endurable, long lifetime, strong bearing capacity, anti-sliding and so on.

BM pallets have characters as follows:

  • Anti-impact:Adopt advanced BM craftwork. Compared with IM pallets, BM pallets have higher intensity and are more endurable, suitable especially to be used in cold conditions.
  • Light and strong:The pallets are made of UHMWPE by adopting BM crafts, and they are light and strong.
  • Sanitary:Meet sanitary inspection requirements; good resistance to water and chemicals, easy to wash and sterilize, anti-mildew, good resistance to low temperature, and especially suitable for frozen store.
  • Safety:Anti-skidding, no thorns and nails, which ensure the safety of goods inside and operators, and prevent rust.
  • Long service life:Stable quality, size and weight; no costs on maintenance; and 10-times durable than wooden pallets.
  • No ponding:Equipped with scuppers, which prevents ponding even when stacked outside.
  • Convenient:Both mechanical and manual forklifts are available, which expands the range of application.
  • Resource-saving: Made of complete plastics, which greatly saves wooden materials and benefits future generations.

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