Product Introduction

  • Made of HDPE, the inner barrel of the IBC is of high intensity, easy to clean and innocuous.
  • Made of first-class hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, the frame of the container is firm, durable and corrosion-resisting.
  • Made of engineering plastics, the angle bead and cover plate can well protect the inner barrel and the valve.
  • Made of quality galvanized steel plates, the four-way-inlet pallet well protects the inner, and is of best stability, easy to load, unload and stack.
  • Equipped with exhaust devices, the container cap ensures liquid safety during transportation.
  • Fixed by bolts into the container top, so the inner barrel can be easily replaced.

Product Features

  • Huge capacity. One standard IBC can hold 1000 liter of water.
  • The inner barrel is made from HDPE which gives it excellent performance with high intensity, corrosion resistance, good hygiene and reliability.
  • Space-saving. Compared with the traditional 200 liter steel drum, IBC can save a space of up to 25%. It can also be stacked to maximum 4 levels. All of these have greatly reduced the storage cost.
  • Logically and structurally sound design equipped with pallet. Suitable for being unloaded & transported by forklifts or manual hydraulic carriers, which greatly reduces manual labor costs.
  • Equipment of discharge valves ensures a safe and easy liquid discharge process of the container. By light of weight of liquid inside, the container can be discharged completely, quickly and safely, in which process extra driven device will not be needed.
  • The overall dimension meets ISO standards for container designing, which is in line with international practice. A 20ft container can hold 18-20 standard 1000-liter Kingtainer IBC's, which has significantly reduced the transportation cost.
  • Easy calculation and management. The inner barrel is molded with dimension scale. Thanks to the transparency of the container, users can easily see the level of the carrying liquid, which makes it convenient to calculate the volume and weight.
  • Wide application to various liquid packaging. Especially suitable for transporting Class Ⅱ and Ⅲ hazard liquid chemicals. The Kingtainer IBC is approved for holding goods with a maximum density of up to 2.1.
  • The cap is equipped with a safety exhaust valve, which makes the transportation safer.
  • Easy cleaning design makes it easy for recycling and cut down on packaging cost.
  • Composite modular design. All of the spare parts can be replaced easily which greatly increase the service life of the product and reduce operating cost.
  • The group has passed quality system certification, and our product has been offered UN certificate and Food Hygiene License. The Kingtainer IBC is ideal for hazard goods or food transportation, either by highway, by train, by sea or by air.